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Andrea will start each project with a no-charge initial meeting with you. This is an opportunity to discuss your project, get to know you and your requirements and desires and discuss any issues, timescales and budget. This meeting is usually followed up by an initial proposal to you of how your individual project would work and the extent of our design services required.

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We specialise in style and comfort

Once a brief has been decided we can present a draft layout showing space utilisation and any structural modifications and furniture layouts. Moodboards can also be produced to demonstrate colour schemes, wall and window treatments, including fabrics, wallcovering, paint colours, furniture and accessories. A draft cost plan will also be included at this stage.

residential interior design

How we work

Concept Design

Once the concept design stage has been agreed we can then move onto the design detail and specification stage. This is the fun part, and where you have the opportunity to be part of the design process to ensure your lifestyle, practicalities and aspirations are met. A detailed cost plan will follow on from this.

Procurement Changes

Procurement charges will apply at different stages of the process, from sourcing, pricing, negotiations through production, delivery and any post delivery issues. You will benefit where possible from discounts from suppliers.

Project Management

We remain in constant touch with you during the project management stage. Communication is key to ensure expectations are met on both sides. Costs for this will be included in the initial cost plan. It is quite possible that changes or additions are made as the project evolves, in which case we discuss any extra charges with you before we proceed to the next stage.

Final Stage

Delivery, fitting and dressing completes the final stage of the process where we sign off and leave you to enjoy your new space. The interior design process is not set in stone, every client and project is different and we treat each case individually to suit the budget and requirements. There may be certain parts of the design process that are not necessary especially with smaller projects.

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